If you’re looking at the Happy Banana Drive Clean website, there’s a good chance you’re unhappy with the appearance of your drive or patio. It would be our pleasure to make it look spectacular for you but without regular care, it will go from looking its best to looking its worst within a couple of years, or even less depending on its environment, such as overhanging trees, heavy vehicle traffic or a proximate busy road. We’ve designed a care-plan to allow you to programme keeping your drive or patio clean indefinitely. It’s probably cheaper than you think and once you set it up you can forget it, unless you want to end the care-plan which you can do at any time.  For a typical 2 car drive, the plan would cost £1.75 per week and Happy Banana would clean your drive annually so it never gets into poor condition again. There are lots of different plan options too. If you want the drive or patio cared for more than once a year, we can adjust the weekly figure to cover it. If you have garden ornamental features such as fountains or statues, even your garage doors included in the plan we can probably clean those inclusive at no extra charge.

Drive care plans are only available on sealed brick paviour and concrete and pattern imprinted concrete drives or patios. These surfaces are either protected by a chemical sealer or they are robust enough to stand repetitive cleaning processes. Annually pressure cleaning untreated brick paviours will become deleterious to the blocks within a few years and creates an undesirable wear rate on your drive or patio so we don’t recommend the care-plan if you have block paviours which are unsealed.

If you are interested in a care plan we can come and see you and create the specification you require with a no obligation fixed quote for the weekly cost of whatever you need. Why not give us a call or email? It would be great to hear from you.

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