Drive cleaning FAQs

Having a clean drive is a lot like having a clear desk. It is nicer to look at. It makes you feel freer in your mind and heart. It is nicer to use, as you feel the grip of freshly cleaned materials under foot and under your vehicle tyres. Additionally it improves the presentation of your home and welcomes you, your friends and guests in style.

Whether your drive or patio is block paviours, concrete, pattern imprinted concrete or tarmac, Happy Banana Drive Cleaning has the processes and service you need to treat your drive to a wonderful refurbishment.

Customer checklist: what we need to clean your drive or patio2018-03-28T12:10:32+01:00
  • A water supply. Ideally an external tap so that we don’t have to run a hose inside your home. However, we can connect to an internal tap if necessary.
  • A clear drive, with no vehicles parked on it when we arrive.
  • Any ornaments, plant pots, or other targets need to be removed from the drive or patio so that we can clean every square inch of it. If you need anything heavy moving, we can do this for you.
  • It’s a good idea to take the opportunity to check your borders around the drive or patio. If your lawn edging or shrubs etc. have encroached over the paved surface it will interfere with the cleaning process and diminish the final look of the job. If you need help tidying borders we can do this for you.
Is your service dependent on good weather?2018-03-28T12:09:40+01:00

Yes to some extent, depending on what your drive or patio is made of.

We can clean any surface in most weather, including rain. However, sanding has to be done in the dry for the sand to flow properly between the block paviours so we need dry weather to do this.  Acyrilic sealers must also be applied and allowed to dry in rain-free conditions too so the sealing process on any surface needs dry weather. If your drive or patio needs sanding or sealing and rain or drying time following cleaning prevents us doing it on the same day, we will make a second visit to complete the work at the first available opportunity.

Why re-seal pattern imprinted concrete drives and patios?2018-03-28T12:12:27+01:00

The acyrilic sealers wear off over time and their visual and mechanical properties are lost. A deep clean followed by a new application of acrylic sealer can make your drive or patio look as good as the day it was laid.  Resealing:

  • renews the depth of colour and gloss to your pattern imprinted concrete.
  • restores the friction to the surface.
  • protects the top matrix of the colour surface hardener in the concrete and ensures the life of your decorative pavement.
  • may rectify any defects in the original sealing process.
Why colour concrete?2018-03-28T12:13:46+01:00

The etching process we use to colour existing concrete actually reacts with the free lime in the concrete itself. It is not a coating and is hard wearing and long lasting.  The transformation from dull grey concrete to a colour of your choice can make an appearance akin to more expensive materials such as stone or slate and can create a visual impact far greater than concrete does.

Why colour a tarmac drive or tarmac patio?2018-03-28T12:17:03+01:00

Oil based stains are notoriously difficult to remove from tarmac because the detergents that can break them down will also attack the bitumen which binds the tarmac together.  By using our branded restoration treatments:

  • any stains can be completely covered.
  • the surface is restored to a deep homogenous (unvaried) colour.
  • the surface is bound by the properties in the new coating which strengthens the wearing surface of the tarmac.
  • the existing tarmac can be given a new appearance at a fraction of the cost of actually replacing it.
  • you can choose a new colour for your tarmac which complements your home and garden.
Why seal a block paviour drive?2018-03-28T12:19:58+01:00

Block paviours are a superb paving material which will last for years. However, the surface of the blocks is porous and the joints between the blocks create channels for weed growth over time and are a mechanical barrier to the passage of water (they trap dirt carried in surface draining rainwater). An acrylic sealer will:

  • bond or seal the surface of the blocks.
  • glue the grains of jointing sand together, whilst making the depth of the joints between blocks more shallow.
  • makes the blocks last longer.
  • reduces the surface friction and resistance to the passage of drainage water which allows the drive to self-clean during rainfall.
  • stabilizes the jointing sand and binds it which helps repel contamination and weed growth.
  • creates a visually stunning appearance by magnifying the natural colour of the blocks (a little bit like the lacquer coat on a vehicle paint job).
  • makes ongoing cleaning far easier and makes professional re-cleaning quicker and cheaper.
Why do you re-sand block paviours after cleaning?2018-03-28T12:20:58+01:00

Over time, the top level of jointing sand becomes contaminated with dirt and organic material which allows weeds to flourish between the paviour blocks.  Our cleaning process removes this material, but it must be replaced with new kiln dried sand.  This inhibits weed growth and ensures stability of the blocks against movement and rotation under load and weather.

Why should I use Happy Banana Drive Cleaning?2018-03-28T17:52:06+01:00

Service is our number one edict and we strive to ensure that all of our customers are completely happy with the service we provide.  Happy Banana’s reputation is our most valuable asset, so you can be assured of a professional, friendly and flexible approach no matter how big or small the job.

The testimonials from our customers speak volumes about the quality and level of service we offer.  These comments are from real clients: if you would like to verify their content we will happily put you in touch with members of our ever-growing list of satisfied customers.

If you would like to give your drive some tender loving care please call one of the friendly Happy Banana team on 07930 350 747 to see how we can help.  You are under no obligation to use us just because you make an enquiry!

If you’re more comfortable with email or a quick typed enquiry please use our contact form.

We look forward to meeting you!

Can I get the work done cheaper?2018-03-28T12:53:16+01:00

We control our costs tightly so we can keep the price of our service low. However, if you ask enough service providers you will undoubtedly find someone cheaper than Happy Banana Drive Cleaning.

Price is important but cheaper is often a false economy.  We aren’t a one man band with a pressure washer and an old transit van and we can’t compete with one on price either.

We don’t price match, simply because we can’t. We carry public liability insurance, we pay our staff while they are training, we run a modern fleet of vehicles and equipment, we use high specification products in our colouring and sealing processes and we make customer relationships our highest priority.

We consult with every customer on their specific needs and we treat your property as though it were our own in order to guarantee your satisfaction on the completion of the job.  We will communicate with you when we say we will and we will be at your property right on time to do exactly the job you want.

All that said, if we can add value back to you we always do and where we can operate more efficiently we pass any savings back to you. So, if you would like to give your drive some tender loving care, please contact us to see how we can help.

Why have Happy Banana Drive Clean do this for me?2018-02-28T18:18:08+00:00
  • All the products Happy Banana Drive Cleaning use are guaranteed to be supplied at no greater cost to you than the retail price from our supplier.
  • All the equipment Happy Banana Drive Cleaning use is commercial grade, working at commercial pressures and flow rates. This is equipment which will cost several thousands of pounds to buy and this is reflected in its performance compared with domestic versions of the same tools.
  • You will get a finished job which cannot be achieved by domestic specification cleaning equipment and it will be done in significantly less time, reducing cost.
  • The Happy Banana team are doing the work while you enjoy your time doing something more important to you and your family.
Can I do it myself?2018-03-28T12:57:39+01:00

Absolutely.  All the processes Happy Banana Drive Cleaning use can be performed by the end consumer and all the products we use can be purchased direct from the manufacturer.

Domestic versions of the cleaning equipment we use can be purchased from a variety of outlets. Typically, a two car drive could be cleaned for about two and a half times the price that Happy Banana Drive Cleaning would charge.  You would have the cleaning equipment available for future drive or patio maintenance, although the lifespan on domestic grade pressure washers is often little more than a couple of years.

Including materials/equipment ordering and purchasing, the job would take about three times as long for you to perform with domestic equipment as Happy Banana can perform using commercial apparatus and an established supply chain.

Get in touch and let us take the strain instead!