Drive & Patio Cleaning

Happy Banana Drive Cleaning uses commercial high pressure cold water cleaning systems. Nearly all operators base their cleaning on this technology. It has no environmental impact and uses the domestic cold water supply to your property.

The working head of the equipment uses high pressure water jets which self-propel in a high speed rotary cycle, lifting dirt and debris out of the matrix of the drive or patio materials. We use a specific type of head which extracts the dirty water from the job as the cleaning nozzles pass.

The used water, and the dirt it carries, are deposited straight into the rainwater drainage system. By removing the dirt as we go, we can prevent it from soiling your walls, lawn, garden or other surrounding areas.  Your drive or patio will also be free of standing water, which itself can trap dirt removed through the cleaning process.

We also have other proprietary processes for more problematic stains such as algae and lichen. On coloured concrete we may use a diluted acid wash and for stone and concrete flags or blocks we may use a sodium hypochlorite wash. The acid is neutralized by the fresh water rinsing and the sodium breaks down in minutes in sunlight so both are environment safe. In the case of oil stains we use a biodegradeable de-greaser and high pressure water together to break down the oil which fixes the dirt into the surface.

For brick paviours, this cleaning process lifts the jointing sand from between the blocks. This is helpful because old contaminated jointing sand provides an ideal environment in which weeds can and will grow.

This sand has to be replaced and the supplementary stage to brick paviour cleaning is for us to return and fill the block joints with new kiln dried sand. This has to be done in dry conditions and on a dry surface so will usually be performed on a return visit, following the cold water jet clean.

For pattern imprinted concrete drives and brick paviour drives which have been sealed with an acrylic sealer, the re-sanding process is not necessary.

Kidderminster drive cleaning

Block Paviours

  • 2 car – 40 sq m

Block Paviours

  • 2 car – 40 sq m

Printed Concrete or Slabs

  • 2 car – 40 sq m

Printed Concrete

  • 2 car – 40 sq m

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