Drive & Patio Sealing

Traditionally brick paviours are laid and swept with sand, with no further process applied to them. However, they can be sealed with a transparent acrylic sealer which augments the colour of the block material and binds the jointing sand between the blocks.

The binding of the jointing sand not only helps stabilise the blocks but also creates a barrier to dirt and organic contaminants which are transported by foot traffic, vehicles, birds, overhanging trees and plants. It is these contaminants which fall into the joints and create a bed in which weeds can grow.  With acrylic sealing, your drive or patio will be protected, with future weed growth substantially reduced.

Acrylic sealing also makes ongoing maintenance of your paviours easier. The porosity of the blocks is reduced, making them smoother, and the gap between the blocks is partly filled by the sealer. These effects combine to make the drive or patio surface less resistant to the flow of water across them. It allows the surface to self cleanse during rainfall and promotes much easier subsequent cleaning using domestic tools such as a broom and garden hose pipe.

A sealed paviour drive is also quicker to clean, so any subsequent visit from Happy Banana Drive Cleaning to clean your drive will cost less than if the paviours are not sealed.

Drive and patio sealing by HB Drive Clean West Midlands

Pattern imprinted concrete will be sealed upon its initial installation but this sealer will decay over time and with the passage of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The surface can be re-sealed to return the look of your printed concrete drive or patio to its original lustre. Re-sealing can also remove defects from the original sealing coats applied at the drive’s installation, if the sealers were solvent based.

Happy Banana Drive Cleaning offers a choice of sealers with high and low solids content (the higher the volume of solids, the higher the gloss finish), as well as a sealer specifically designed for use on paviours.

We apply sealers using high-quality sprayers to ensure an even application and, on brick paviours, to prevent lifting the jointing sand during sealing.  We always apply a double coat to get the deepest finish and ensure longevity of performance.

Typically, the acrylic sealer will last anything from two to five years depending on how heavy the traffic upon it is. The sealer becomes the wearing surface of the drive or patio so it substantially extends the life of the coated material, whether paviours or pattern imprinted concrete.

Block Paviours

  • 2 car – 40 sq m

Block Paviours

  • 2 car – 40 sq m

Printed Concrete or Slabs

  • 2 car – 40 sq m

Printed Concrete

  • 2 car – 40 sq m

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