weed removal by HB Drive Clean

Gallup weed control

Happy Banana Drive Cleaning uses commercial grade weedkiller called Gallup Hi-Aktiv”. The active ingredient is Glyphosate acid and we use a concentration about 45% stronger than domestically available products based on this chemical, such as Roundup.

The chemical is a systemic weedkiller, meaning it has to be carried by the plant leaf down into its roots to do its work. This takes about five days and works best during the months of March to October.

If weeds need to be removed from your drive or patio, we will do this a week before we carry out our drive cleaning, drive sealing or drive colouring (concrete or tarmac) processes.  Affected areas are treated using a back pack sprayer with the treatment being rainfast within 1-2 hours.

*A premium strength non-irritant, high concentration glyphosate total herbicide. The concentrated formulation requires lower application rates and will save time. The fully wetted formulation means there is no need for additional surfactants. The formulation also gives excellent rainfast properties with absorption in the leaf within 1-2 hours.

Gallup HiAktiv Amenity controls annual and perennial grasses and most broad-leaved weeds in amenity, industrial, forestry and aquatic situations.

  • Contains 490g/ltr Glyphosate
  • High 490g/ltr Glyphosate Strength
  • Rainfast within 1-2 Hours
  • No Additional Adjuvants Required

Block Paviours

  • 2 car – 40 sq m

Block Paviours

  • 2 car – 40 sq m

Printed Concrete or Slabs

  • 2 car – 40 sq m

Printed Concrete

  • 2 car – 40 sq m

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