Terms & Conditions

  1. Happy Banana Drive Cleaning will provide a fixed quotation for any works upon request.  The price quoted will remain valid for 28 days.
  2. Weed control is undertaken at the soonest possible opportunity following the booking confirmation for our cleaning operations. Ideally two weeks lead time is then required for the weedkiller to take full effect. The cleaning work will be programmed to allow this lead time, and booked to take place as close to two weeks after the weedkiller application as possible.
  3. Any processes requiring the application of acrylic sealers or kiln dried sand require the paved surface to be thoroughly dry, and, with the exception of very warm weather conditions, this will require your work to be carried out in two stages on different dates. Wet weather is an inherent problem with any sealing and sanding operations and we will endeavour to meet the booked dates for these works but may have to re-schedule work when wet weather forces this.
  4. Happy Banana Drive Cleaning is a flexible and friendly service provider. We have certified skill sets beyond drive cleaning and will always be proactive in offering solutions to needs associated with, but extra to, our cleaning services. Any cost arising from additional works will be itemised in a written quotation.
  5. We want you to be happy with the service we provide and encourage our customers to be present when we are on site. Upon job completion, the member of our staff who carried out the work will ask for your visual inspection to ensure satisfaction and appropriate measures to achieve it if there is something we have missed.
  6. We can perform our cleaning operations without customer presence, but will need access to a water supply. Details around this will be discussed at the quoting stage.
  7. Invoices are payable upon completion of the service.
  8. Invoices will be issued by email.  A hard copy invoice can be supplied on request.
  9. Happy Banana Drive Cleaning guarantees to charge no higher price for any materials used than the end consumer may purchase them for from our supplier.
  10. Happy Banana Drive Cleaning is a division of Happy Banana Limited, company number: 10297767. Registered in England and Wales.  Registered office: Catswell Farm, Kinlet Road, Far Forest, Kidderminster, DY14 9UE.